Terms and Conditions


1.º These general conditions of sale are agreed between Ad Médic – Agroturismo, Lda, with registered office at “Calçada de Arroios, N.º 16-C, Espaço Comercial N.º 3, Lisboa – 1000-027 Lisboa, VAT number 510 224 520 and telephone contact +351 284 480 040, hanceforth designated by “Horta da Vila” and the people who wish to make purchases through the website www.hortadavila.pt, hanceforth designated by “User”.
2.º The parties agree that the purchases made through the website www.hortadavila.pt shall be governed exclusively by this contract, excluding any conditions previously available on the website.

Article 1 – Object

1. These general conditions of sale aim to provide and set all the information needed to the user about order forms, sales, payment and delivery of the service, made on the website www.hortadavila.pt.
2. These conditions regulate all steps necessary to accomplish the acquisition and ensure the follow-up of this provision of service to the User.

Article 2 – Order

1. The User realizes the order by completing the purchase process presented on the website www.hortadavila.pt, adding the product or service you want to order the shopping cart.
2. To send the order, the User must complete the information and choose the options that are available throughout the order completion process (delivery address and billing, payment and the VAT number, as well the name that, for tax purposes, the User wants to be listed in the invoice).
3. The final confirmation of the order by the User is equivalent to the full and complete acceptance of prices and description of the products/services for sale, as well as these Terms and Conditions, which will be the only applicable to the contract thus concluded.
4. Ad Médic – Agroturismo, Lda. will honor the orders received online. In the absence of availability of service, the Ad Medic -. Agritourism, Lda undertakes to inform the user as soon as possible.
5. The data on the invoice are the responsibility of the User. The invoice after being issued may not be reissued with amendments.
6. If payment of the invoice is not approved for the services within the time allowed, the order is not guaranteed.

Article 3 – Payment

1. On the website www.hortadavila.pt, Ad Médic – Agroturismo, Lda. proposes to the User the following methods of payment, via EasyPay – Payment Institution Inc:
a) Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard);
b) ATM Reference;
c) Transfer;

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2. In case of payment by credit card, the debit will be made in the User’s card immediately after confirmation of the service delivery capacity. If any of the services ordered is not possible to be provided, their value will be credited to the user of the card, after the order of closure.

Article 4 – Availability and Consumption

The availability of the service will be held once the payment confirmation made.

Article 5 – Prices

1. Prices shall be construed in Euros, with taxes and fees included, taking into account the VAT in force at the order payment date.
2. In the event of a rise in prices of some service, the User will be informed immediately and may choose to continue the order (making payment of the difference) or proceed to its cancellation.

Article 6 – Cancellation and Return

The process of cancellation or refund is treated case by case by Ad Medic – Agritourism, Lda. The request must come in writing to the contact email paula.cordeiro@admedic.pt, within 10 days of the order, and the cancellation instructions or refund of the amount paid answered and defined by the Ad Medic -. Agritourism, Lda, by the same means of communication.
Whenever possible, the return should take place by the same means of payment, but when its not possible, the user must present proof of payment and ownership of account or card, to be held the return by Bank Transfer.
Ad Médic – Agroturismo, Lda. undertakes to reimburse the User within 15 days.

Article 7 – Privacy Policy

The processing of data is done in compliance with the legislation on personal data protection. The data, which is subject to computer processing, will be part of the Ad Médic – Agroturismo, Lda. database and is intended to record and presentation of other products and services as well as institutional information, to provide for them.
Their provision is optional and is guaranteed under the law, the right of access, rectification and cancellation of any data that tells you directly about personally or through writing, directly to the address on the home page of this website.